FOAM-TECH Celebrates 25th Anniversary

January 1, 2007
North Thetford, VT

FOAM-TECH is pleased to announce that January 1, 2007 marks the anniversary of its 25th year in business. In 1982 FOAM-TECH developed an on-site process for injecting polyurethane foam insulation into buildings and other structures. It originally served a local residential market as it insulated new and retrofit projects. Since that time, FOAM-TECH has completed over 2000 projects through out the northeast. The company has established a reputation in a variety of specialty markets, which required the development of unique techniques for processing polyurethane foam at remote sites and in various climatic conditions. An extensive knowledge of building science supports FOAM-TECH’s installation capabilities. This expertise has evolved into a professional consulting division, which provides advice on thermal envelope concerns. FOAM-TECH currently serves the following markets:

  • New and Retrofit Commercial Projects
  • Underground Applications
  • Air leakage and Moisture Control
  • Refrigeration and Cold Storage Buildings
  • Stressed-Skin Panels
  • Lumber Drying Kilns
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Structures
  • Marine Flotation
  • Storage Tank Insulation
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • High-end Residential
  • Green, Environmental, Sustainable Projects
  • Process and Prototype Equipment
  • Environmental Control and Mitigation Projects (radon, asbestos, mold, etc.)
  • Remediation Projects – failed structures, ice dams
  • Condominiums and Resort Areas
  • Specialized Vehicles
  • Specialized Agricultural Buildings and Equipment

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