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What sets FOAM-TECH apart as a Company?

FOAM-TECH processes polyurethane foam systems like a manufacturer at remote sites. This requires mobile equipment capable of producing a variety of foam systems as required by the needs of a given project. There are many polyurethane formulations, each having unique processing and performance characteristics. These systems all have the potential to provide superior insulation, moisture, and air-sealing characteristics making them appropriate for a wide range of applications. The uses of foam include many traditional insulation, air-sealing, and floatation markets; they also extend into many applications where the conditions are so extreme or limiting that product performance is critical to the success of the project. With the exception of traditional applications where high standards are desired or building conditions dictate the use of high-performance materials, the higher cost of urethanes generally limits their use to markets where one of the characteristics of the polyurethane material make it uniquely well suited to a given project. It is these markets that FOAM-TECH is configured to serve.

While there are many polyurethane applicators who provide typical spray-foam services, very few go beyond the installation of conventional spray roofing and building insulation processes. FOAM-TECH's capabilities, while serving these common markets in some cases, are specially designed to meet unconventional needs. By employing standard and custom equipment which processes foam through both spray and injection techniques, we can utilize numerous chemical systems with varying densities, speeds, closed-cell content, fire rating, and environmental characteristics. This gives us the capability to select the most appropriate product for even the most demanding applications. This flexibility extends across both the construction and manufactured products industries. By utilizing custom equipment and foam formulations, it is possible to provide innovative solutions which can only be achieved by the development of unique methods based in long-standing and varied experience.

In addition to our technical installation expertise, FOAM-TECH has implemented the use of in-house diagnostic and quality assurance capabilities. The use of infrared, pressurized air-leakage, and other test equipment sets us apart from other polyurethane and conventional insulation contractors. This equipment gives us the ability to diagnose existing problems, quality assure our installations as the work is being done, and verify and quantify the quality of our completed installations. Even the use of the best materials and the most experienced technicians does not guarantee that the process will work to its fullest capability without these techniques.

Extensive experience with diagnostic and testing procedures used alone and in conjunction with foam technologies, allows us to work closely with design professionals well in advance of the actual foam installation. In-house support of the planning process helps to maximize the performance of the end result, and usually can make the project more cost-effective. Follow-up verification of the work gives both the designer and the client confidence that the installation will be successful.

Finally, FOAM-TECH is committed to providing the most energy efficient and environmentally conscious products and installations possible. From its SUPERGREEN FOAMT, the first Zero Ozone Depletion Potential ("0" ODP) closed-cell foam on the market, to its rigorous "TEST" quality assurance program to maximize the energy performance of its installations, to design support, performance guarantee programs, our work on alternative fuel, low-emission vehicles, we are dedicated to reducing waste, greenhouse gases, and fossil-fuel by-product generation.

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