Welcome to our Special Building Environments Section

FOAM-TECH specializes in creating special building environments.

In retrofit projects FOAM-TECH can install high-performance temperature, air, and moisture barrier solutions in unique or extreme applications by using its proprietary on-site injection and spray techniques. We provide the diagnostics and follow-up quality control testing which these projects often require.

In new projects FOAM-TECH’s superinsulation may save significant construction costs by eliminating the need for roof ridge, roof top, eaves, soffits and gable air-venting details.  Building wraps, interior moisture barriers, and caulking costs are often avoided as well. The  thermal, moisture, and structural properties of superinsulation can provide superior cost payback. We quality control our work and offer written guarantees.

  • Museum and Art Storage
    FOAM-TECH installs insulation providing thorough air, moisture, and thermal control for art and other valuable possessions.

  • Basement and Crawl Spaces
    FOAM-TECH has completed hundreds of stone basement and crawl space foundation projects over the last 20 years.

  • Food Processing and Storage
    FOAM-TECH installs air, moisture, and thermal barriers which are cost-effective for freezer, cooler, and other food processing environments.

  • Indoor Pools and High-Moisture Environments
    FOAM-TECH installs air, moisture, and thermal barriers that significantly reduce heating requirements; these barriers also eliminate mold and mildew on interior surfaces as well as structural rot inside building cavities.