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Museums and Art Storage

FOAM-TECH specializes in working with facility managers, curators, architects, building scientists and other professionals to create specialized environments in museums, art galleries and libraries that provide stable conditions for artifacts and collections. Since the ideal conditions for artifacts are not ideal conditions for the building, FOAM-TECH solutions isolate and protect the building envelope from being compromised by the controlled indoor environment.

Common Problems

FOAM-TECH solves problems that can cause damage to artifacts and collections or to the museum or gallery buildings. Problems are:

  • Condensation in the building envelope that can damage the building

  • Condensation in the building that can damage artifacts or art work

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • Ice Dams

  • Indoor air quality problems

  • Drastic changes of indoor temperature and relative humidity

  • Excessive climate control expenses

Services FOAM-TECH can provide

  • Diagnostics, testing and trouble shooting of indoor environmental problems or building performance problems.

  • Installation of Monitoring Systems.

  • Recommendations and minimum specifications for environmental control systems.

  • Installation of insulation and vapor control material to prevent indoor air quality problems, and protect the building from damage.

Past Projects & Case Studies

FOAM-TECH has successfully completed many museum and art gallery insulation projects over the years. Several of these museums are discussed in our case study, The Use of Polyurethane Foam Technology in Historic Renovation and Remediation, which was presented at the Restoration & Renovation 2002 conference in Boston, MA.

In addition to museums and art galleries, FOAM-TECH has extensive experience working with historical and National Register buildings. We specialize in installing a quality thermal envelope in historic buildings, which will still preserve the historic significance and appearance of the building while solving its practical problems. Installing a quality thermal envelope in an historic building will control moisture damage and actually extend the life of the building.

Relevant Building Envelope Theory

Relevant building envelope theory which explains the science of creating conditioned areas in museums and art storage facilities includes:

Past Projects


Im told that conditions have stabilized nicely at the dome of the Flower
Library in Watertown (NY).

- Randy Crawford
Crawford & Stearns
Architects and Preservation Planners
Syracuse, NY 13206

FOAM-TECH is a member of the American Association of Museums and featured in their Museum Marketplace Online.