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Announcing the Total Energy System Track

(TEST) Program

June 01, 1998
North Thetford, VT

TEST is a comprehensive approach to guaranteeing successful design, construction, and quality assurance of high-performance thermal envelopes. The program works for energy-efficient buildings, Energy Star projects, energy code compliance, and "critical environment" construction. It has five major components - approaches that work for both new and existing construction.

  1. Code or Program compliance applications.

  2. Design review and support, including compliance "scenarios" to evaluate cost efficiency.

  3. Installation of FOAM-TECH's thermal, moisture, and air leakage control polyurethane.

  4. Quality assurance testing and any detailing required to complete the installation.

  5. Code or Program compliance documentation and certifications.

FOAM-TECH guarantees that any homes that use this program will meet the entire project's environmental and energy conservation specifications. All documentation, design support, quality assurance procedures, pretests, and fine-tuning (if required), are included in our original TEST pricing.

We can review your plans and provide some budget numbers for any appropriate insulation/sealant systems and other TEST procedures. As part of this offer, we will work closely with you to develop any details you may require for specific applications to allow you to take advantage of all of the potential TEST savings. Improved design standards will pay back in long-term performance.

The offer to guarantee that your client's house will comply with what ever standards your specifications require, is based on our experience in creating tight, well-insulated buildings. The attention to detail that is required to meet high performance levels with a complicated combination of insulation and air sealing materials and procedures is daunting. Testing most conventional insulation systems requires that the finishes be in place. This makes any problem areas difficult to locate and harder to correct. FOAM-TECH's experience with building diagnostics and remedial projects gives us the advantage of being able to anticipate and prevent most problems.

FOAM-TECH insulation systems provide a one-step process that doesn't rely on the correct integration of multiple materials installed by multiple trades. The beauty of Polyurethane foams is that they don't depend on films, tape or sheathings for support or air-leakage barriers; therefore, we can perform blower door, fog and infrared pre-tests as soon as the foam is in place, prior to the installation of the interior finishes. This allows us to assure that performance standards can be met while the insulation/air barrier is accessible for inspection and any necessary fine tuning. With FOAM-TECH responsible for the insulation, vapor control, air sealing and quality assurance procedures, it is easy for us to guarantee your project's performance requirements.

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