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“FOAM-TECH – Specializing in Superinsulation”

This "FOAM-TECH – Specializing in Superinsulation" has been on our letterhead for almost ten years now. People often ask what it means. Here is a little history of the term and what it means to us.

The term "superinsulated building" came about in the 1970s during the "energy crisis" when high fuel prices and fuel shortages were common. The reaction to sharp increases in heating costs prompted the construction of homes and commercial buildings with very high insulation levels and greatly reduced air leakage.  It was this era of construction that led to the transition in standard buildings from 2X4 (R=11) to 2X6 (R=19) wall framing, and the transition in roof framing based on structural requirements (usually allowing for R=19) to framing sizes that could accommodate higher R-values (R=30 to 38) and a ventilation space.

Once fuel prices were lower, superinsulated buildings became the exception as the added construction costs could not be justified by the savings in fuel costs.  The increased R-values for standard construction were still cost effective and have remained at the higher levels.

We originally coined this phrase because it was associated with high-performance insulation. When our business uses the phrase "Specializing in Superinsulation" today, we are no longer referring to installing insulation at 1970s superinsulated building levels, but to achieving superior building performance in an appropriate manner for today's buildings. Many of the initial tight, high-performance buildings suffered from severe moisture and indoor air quality problems. This created the need for the building scientists to analyze and understand building envelopes in new ways which resulted in an expanded knowledge base for the industry. Technology responded with the development of new equipment for diagnosing problems and testing building performance.  Superinsulation is an ideal to which we are dedicated, involving the use of the best information, tools, and materials available to create sustainable high-performance thermal envelopes. Sustainable means our solutions must be long-lasting, cost-effective, environmentally sound, and provide healthy indoor environments.

To achieve our goals, we use advanced technologies and materials to provide our clients with more than just insulation.  Keeping abreast of building science advancements allows us to plan and implement high-performance building envelopes while understanding the implications of our solutions with respect to moisture and ventilation issues. FOAM-TECH's in-house testing capabilities enable us to quality assure our work, as well as determine why the buildings which we repair don't work to begin with. The materials we use are selected for their ability to address conductive heat loss, moisture control, and air leakage.  FOAM-TECH's approach relies upon the knowledge of building science, diagnostic tools, and superior products to provide the best solution to a building envelope challenge.

Because our goal is to provide solutions to building envelope problems, we have something to offer all members of the construction industry.  We can support architects, builders, building science experts, insulation contractors, engineers, and others in planning, installing, testing, and guaranteeing their projects for success.

This web site elaborates on FOAM-TECH's capabilities, including numerous case studies describing how we create appropriate solutions to different building envelope problems.  Use these links and the Table of Contents to take you around the site.

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