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Basement and Crawl Space

Building Science Corporation Office Building

FOAM-TECH insulated the basement, rim joist and crawl space for Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation in Westford, MA.

Moisture-damaged insulation.

After moisture-damaged insulation has been removed.

Vapor-barrier membrane is wrapped down the wall and over the sill.

Rigid foam panels were installed in the crawl space openings between conditioned and unconditioned areas.

FOAM-TECH technician sprays the crawl space with minimal access.

The technician is spraying the membrane at the basement-to- crawl space transition.

Spraying foam over the vapor-retarder material which extends across the drainage trench to the floor slab. NOTE: The intent is to maintain the drainage plane behind (outside of) the vapor retarder.

After Foam

Basement and crawl space after FOAM-TECH finished installing the vapor retarder and insulating the rim joist, walls and crawl space.

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