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Bombardier Office Building Case Study

FOAM-TECH was contracted to apply polyurethane foam on to the outside of the steel frame and gypsum sheathed walls of this building. Pioneered in Canada, this system is particularly successful for establishing an energy efficient, air-tight thermal envelope.

By applying the insulative foam to the outside of the frame and to the backside of the gypsum board walls, the following is accomplished:

  1. The insulative envelope is not interrupted by mechanical systems or structural members.

  2. The fire barrier is provided by the exterior sheathing. When insulation is sprayed on to the wall bays from the inside, it is necessary to cover the polyurethane foam with a thermal barrier.

The gypsum walls on the building's steel frame.

The polyurethane foam is sprayed onto the outside of the gypsum sheathing.

Technician cleaning the brick ties that assist in holding the exterior brick wall in place. The penetrations made by the ties have been sealed with polyurethane foam.

FOAM-TECH's Project Manager inspecting the polyurethane and brick wall area.

Above is a detailed drawing of this system as it is generally designed and constructed. The system has been applied to hundreds of buildings in the colder climate of Canada where it originates and has been extremely successful.

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