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Exterior Wall Insulation

Related Masonry Product Information and Specifications (Excerpts from Section 04200 - Unit Masonry)

Part 2 - Products

C. Reinforcement and anchorage

1.      Single wythe joint reinforcement

a.       Ladder type: hot dip galvanized after fabrication cold drawn steel conforming to ASTM A153, Class B-2, W2.8 side rods with W1.7 cross ties.

b.      Acceptable manufacturers:

  1. AA Wire Products
  2. Dur-O-Wall
  3. Hohmann & Barnard
  4. National Wire Products
  5. Southern Construction Products

2.  Reinforcing steel: ASTM A615, 60 ksi yield grade, deformed billet bars, hot dip galvanized after fabrication to ASTM A153, class B-2.

3. Brick Veneer ties: provide appropriate product for application as required.

a. Acceptable products

  1. Heckman "Pos-I-Tie"
  2. Dur-O-Wall "D/A 213"
  3. Hohmann & Barnard "DW-10-X Anchor"
  4. Architect approved equivalent

D.  Through-wall flashing: 40 mil thick composite flashing membrane with 25 mil polyethylene membrane and 15 mil asphaltic adhesive; basis of design - Hyload S/A membrane with drip by Hyload Cloaked Flashing System.

E.  Mortar net: high-density polypropylene (HDPE) or nylon strands woven into a 90% open mesh; 1" thick; designed to trap and suspend mortar in the cavity to keep weeps open.

  1. CavClear, "CavClear"

  2. Advanced Building Products "Mortar Break"

  3. Mortar Net USA, "Mortar Net"

  4. Architect approved equivalent

Brick Veneer Ties

The key requirement for brick-ties used with an exterior wall insulation application is the length of the leg.

The one shown in the illustration above has a leg length of 4 inches. This is usually sufficient to allow for the thickness of the foam and the air space between the foam and the brick veneer.

FOAM-TECH has had success using the Dur-O-Wall  D/A 213 product with the 4" leg.

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