Training FAQ’s


Training Options

  1. Custom written technical manuals for new generations of equipment – Service guides especially for the installer      
  2. Custom training manuals and programs      
  3. Provide consulting – foam and installations   

Training Programs

  • Installers
    1. Bulk foam applications
    2. Basic theory and hands on training
    3. Advanced Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for unfamiliar systems
    4. Spray productivity enhancers
    5. Injected foam (IPF) Basic theory and hands on training, Advanced SOPs, quality assurance testing, productivity enhancers
    6. General Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
      • Managing difficult environmental conditions
      • Stocking trucks
      • Masking
      • Access
      • Sequencing
      • Ventilation
      • Drilling holes for injection work
      • Substrate compatibility and preparation
      • Trimming
      • Humidity, temperature, water, surface compatibility

  • Foam Contractors
    1. Business Practices and Risk Management
      • Avoid installation failures
      • Avoid contractual disputes   
      • Avoid Building Science related liability
      • Managing code-related decisions
    2. Estimating
      • Collecting site information
      • Finding red flags
      • Doing Take-offs
      • Writing RFI’s
      • Calculating costs
      • Using proprietary job estimating software
    3. Project Management
    4. Marketing
      • QA/first-instance testing
      • Performance guarantees
    5. Selling your value proposition – insulation versus high-performance buildings.
      • Installation performance guarantees
      • Cost Reduction Protocol – How high-performance buildings can cost less than conventionally built buildings
      • Design support – detailing, spec writing, plan reviews
      • Building Envelope Commissioning
      • Diagnosing and repairing for existing building envelope problems
      • Quality assurance protocols
      • Compliance Testing for project record

If you want to improve the profitability of your spray foam installations contact us now to learn how we can help you.

Training FAQ’s