Client Testimonials

Architects & Engineers

Vermont Law School

“Oakes hall has now been occupied for two years.  Despite the issues we collaborated on, and other start-up issues, the performance of the building has been truly noteworthy.  It looks as though Oakes is using somewhere around 0.11 gallons of fuel oil per ft2 annually.  By comparison, the typical university building in the northeast uses roughly 8 times as much fuel, and more than double the electricity. Mechanical strategies used in Oakes are responsible for much of this world-class energy performance, but without an excellent building envelope we couldn't have used those strategies effectively.

Marc Rosenbaum, P.E.


 “We specified polyurethane foam insulation in several projects, and our clients are very pleased with the results. In fact, several members of the firm, including myself, have had FOAM-TECH retrofit sections of our homes.”

Stuart White, Architect
Banwell White Arnold & Hemberger


“FOAM-TECH insulated the walls and ceilings of my new home and I don't expect to be using more than $ 450 of fuel oil for both heating & hot water.  Not including the basement, I have 2,300 sq. ft. of living space, so for heating alone I'll be spending less than 14 cents per sq. ft.”

Lloyd Nichols
Lyme, NH


 “My house, over 150 years old, was 'FOAM-TECHed' 3 years ago and the results were dramatic.  Our fuel bills declined by two thirds and we are significantly warmer and more comfortable.”

Hod Palmer, Insurance Executive
Bradford, VT


 “Although the cost of the polyurethane foam was more than fiberglass insulation, the results reduced our heating costs by 50% and brought warmth and comfort to our home.  Our initial investment was well worth it. And over time, the return on our investment will pay for itself many times over.”

Deborah & Torsten Colt
North Hartland, VT


”After sealing the air leaks and insulating my log cabin home, I went from burning 14 1/2 cords of wood down to 2 1/4 cord of wood during the heating season.”

Matt Barker
West Fairlee, VT

Business Owners

Just a short note to say "thank you" for an engineering job well done at my property on Palmer Court in Wilder, VT.

polli012“Prior to your work, snow cover on my roof deck regularly melted, ice formed at the eaves, and water backed-up leaking thru the asphalt shingles into the building. My several examinations during the recent snow and cold weather reveal the roof deck completely covered with thick light snow, and no signs of any ice or water formation. The properly insulated roof system exhibits no heat loss and is working just as you had predicted!

Your crew did a fine job, the amount billed was as quoted, and I consider the amount paid to be excellent value.”

David L. Polli
Palmer Court in Wilder, VT

“FOAM-TECH has insulated the roof of my post & beam house and my 6000 sq. ft. office building. I am very pleased with the results. I’ll be contacting them for my new office addition.”

Warren Loomis, President
Logic Associates, White River Jct., VT

I got a report ... comparing our oil usage in the 2006-7 and 2007-8 seasons (before and after the installation of the foam and vapor barrier in the cellar here). I haven't been able to find degree-day data, but the change is quite dramatic:

2006-7 Total 3259.6 gals (for both furnaces)

2007-8 Total 1419.4 gals (for both furnaces)

In addition to the degree days, there is probably variation in the lifestyle of our tenant groups, which could affect oil usage because the hot water here is oil-fired.

Anyway, I thought you would like to have this information.

All the best,

Duncan F.
Norwich, VT


"As a developer, I need to know in advance that our projects will perform well.  Injected polyurethane is probably the simplest means of guaranteeing thermal performance and perhaps the most effective.  I know that the owners of our new units will be very satisfied."

 Steve Durkee, Developer
Highridge Condominiums, Killington, VT

Government and Municipal officials

"DRED and the Div. of Historic Resources have reviewed many proposals to control moisture infiltration within the basement crawlspace of the Weeks Mansion. The proposal by FOAM-TECH is the only one that does not require alteration to the building, the the installation of other associated mechanical equipment to be effective."

George Bald
Commissioner, Department of Resource and Economic Development
State of New Hampshire

Facility Managers

“I am very impressed with your polyurethane insulation. When it was 20 below zero, after you foamed, we could come in here and it felt like the heat was on. I highly recommend it and plan to continue using it.”

Willey Thomas, Facility Manager
New Beginnings Miracle Fellowship

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