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Fog Test

What is a Fog Test?

Technician releasing artificial for for a fog test

Artificial fog is released so technicians can visually identify leaks in the building envelope.

A fog test is done in conjunction with a blower door test to visually identify air leaks in a building's envelope. The test is usually done when temperature and weather conditions make an infrared scan difficult.

How is the test done?

First, a blower door is used to blow air into the building. This has the effect of placing the building under positive pressure. The positive pressure inside the building causes air to exfiltrate to the outside through any gaps in the building envelope. Next, fog is generated inside the building close to sections of the building with high leak potential. The fog allows FOAM-TECH technicians to quickly identify any air leaks by the presence of fog traveling through the air leaks to the outside

Preparing for a Fog Test

Preparation for a fog test is similar to preparing for a blower door test. In addition to the steps necessary for a blower door test, fire alarms must be temporarily disabled and the local fire department notified. This will prevent any false alarms from smoke detectors being set off or someone mistaking the fog for smoke.