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Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, N. H.
FOAM-TECH worked closely with the design team to provide a thermal envelope that maintains the critical indoor environment within very narrow limits. The environmental control systems now protect the priceless art work by controlling moisture and temperature without damage to this historic building. This allows fine art to be stored and displayed year-round at the Currier

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FOAM-TECH has been in business for over 26 years helping people solve building performance problems. We have completed over 2,000 projects to date.

We solve common but costly and dangerous problems like ice dams and pipe & equipment freeze-ups. We also solve simple problems which cause ordinary buildings to be uncomfortable due to extreme temperatures or drafts.

We solve problems in buildings with special environments like fine art museums, food storage units, swimming pools and underground structures that have exacting requirements related to air, moisture, and temperature.

We designed this site to be a resource for solutions to your building performance situations. We are still adding more information - case studies, product information, and links to relevant sites. We welcome your comments.

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