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FOAM-TECH Services for General Contractors


Installation Services

  • On-site Installation of Superinsulation

  • Thermal Barriers

  • Air Barriers

  • Moisture/Vapor Retarders

  • Fire Barriers

  • Noise Barriers

  • Elimination of bug, rot, and mold problems

On-site Testing, Measurement, and Documentation

  • Infrared

  • Blower Door

  • Enhanced Fog

  • Visual Inspection

  • Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring


Information Resource for Special Building Environments

  • Basements and Crawl Spaces

  • Museums and Art Storage

  • Food Processing and Storage

  • Indoor Pools and High-Moisture Environments

  • Underground Structures

  • Historic Restoration and Renovation

  • Clean Rooms

  • Hospitals

Consultation for New and Retrofit Building Envelopes

  • Building Envelope Design Reviews

  • Thermal Envelope Strategic Track (TEST) Program

  • Prevent building envelope failures

  • Project feasibility: building envelope budget pricing

  • Heat-loss projections

  • Building envelope code and regulatory support

Foam Applications, Techniques and Job Site Preparation

Information on Superinsulation and Foam Products