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Introduction to Building Envelope Commissioning

Program number BES901

Course Description

This program provides an introduction to the Building Envelope Commissioning (BEC) process and its importance to Architects and other building professionals in the design and construction of cost-effective, high-performance building envelopes. It highlights the importance of using an integrated design process, quality assurance protocols, and performance standards in constructing superior green and energy-efficient buildings with less risk and at a lower up-front cost than construction using conventional building envelope methods. It explains how to set a performance standard and guarantee that the standard will be met.

The course uses case studies depicting building envelope failures such as mold and mildew, poor indoor air quality, and other problems caused by heat loss, moisture, and air leakage that can be avoided through the use of a complete BEC process. These are followed by case studies of projects with documented high-performance building envelopes. It includes an overview of several quality assurance methods used to guarantee the success of these thermal envelope installations. Other benefits such as LEED and USGBC certifications are discussed. This is a Powerpoint presentation that can be supplemented with demonstrations of quality assurance and compliance testing equipment, depending on the location of the presentation. (This is a one-hour course and earns one learning unit credit)


Henri C. Fennell, CSI/CDT is President of Building Envelope Services, Inc. & FOAM-TECH, North Thetford, Vermont, USA.

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