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Ice Dam Prevention & Remediation - Case Study and Theoretical Considerations I, II, III

Program numbers AIA201, AIA202, AIA203

Based on: Case Study - Ice Dam Remediation for Northeast Ski-Area Condominiums for the thermal performance of the exterior of buildings, Thermal VII Conference - by Henri Fennell

Course Description

This program is based on a case study describing the procedures for locating, prioritizing, and repairing the causes of ice dam formations at a complex of over one-hundred Northeast Ski-Area condominiums. The testing, performed on four typical units, was commissioned by the Owners Association to prove the feasibility of preventing ice dam formation without replacing all of the existing roofs and to determine the cost of this approach. It is broad in the scope of its examples because these multifamily buildings with complicated construction details include many warm air leaks and conductive heat loss problems that have led to ice dam formation during extreme winter conditions.

The presentation will include slide and video presentations, hands-on test-equipment demonstrations, interactive problem solving, and periodic review of the basic building science theories acting behind the scenes of this common cold-climate problem.

Building construction detailing and basic on-site diagnostic and quality assurance procedures will be emphasized for use in professional practice.


Henri C. Fennell is President of Building Envelope Services, Inc., & FOAM-TECH, North Thetford, Vermont, USA.

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