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Stressed-skin Panels

Stressed-skin panels installed on a roof are sealed by the FOAM-TECH installation crew

What are stressed-skin panels?

A stressed-skin panel is an insulated building panel that is comprised of a foam core sandwiched between two “skins.” The core, made from polyurethane or styrene foam, is both durable and light weight. The skins are most often made from oriented strand board (OSB), but other building material such as gypsum wall board, sheetrock, plywood, wafer board, and sheet metal are used as well. The exterior skin must be nail able material since the panels are attached to the building’s exterior enclosing the frame to create a thermal envelop. To finish the installation it is necessary to seal the joints between each panel.

How are stressed-skin panels made?

Stressed-skin panels are manufactured in factories under controlled conditions to standardize quality. Techniques involve using construction adhesive to bond the skins to the foam core or injecting foam between the two skins.

Why are stressed-skin panels made?

Stressed-skin panels offer a building material which combines the structural system, wall and roof sheathing, and insulation in a single step. Specific advantages provided:

  • High R-Value

  • Moisture control

  • Sound barrier

  • Dimensional stability

  • Cost reduction

  • Flexibility of substitute faces

  • Flexibility of core thickness

FOAM-TECH stressed-skin panel products

The roof on this house is made with FOAM-TECH custom build Stressed-skin panels. Wide spans between rafters made it necessary to construct custom panels

The sheathing on this house is made with panels from a panel manufacturer and installed and sealed by the FOAM-TECH installation crew

FOAM-TECH makes customized stressed-skin panels which meets innovative design requirements. A variety of polyurethane foam systems can provide specific insulation needs. SUPERGREEN™ Zero Ozone Depletion foam, our premier environmentally friendly material, is just one example of the available options. FOAM-TECH can also install panels made by other panel manufacturers. FOAM-TECH’s insulation technicians can properly seal the panel joins with our on-site foaming systems. This phase of the installation plays a crucial role in the energy performance of stress-skin panels. FOAM-TECH’s experience with sealing allows the insulation material to run uninterrupted across all of the panels in all directions, and thermal breaks in the insulation are therefore avoided. After the panels are installed, our technicians quality assure their sealing work to ensure that the panels form a high-performance building envelope.

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