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The Integra Wall System

The "Integra Wall System" is an engineered and post-tensioned masonry block wall system that may be used in either load-bearing or non-load bearing conditions.  The Integra Wall System uses masonry units that are usually open on both ends with a reduced center web to reduce thermal bridging to a minimum.  However, there may be times when a single open-end bond beam or standard shaped unit may be used, as in the case of architectural faced units.

Reinforcing The Integra Wall System uses post-tensioned technology along with, at times, conventional methods of reinforcing.

 Vertical reinforcing consists of 7/16th" high tensile strength steel rods that are roll-threaded at each end.  These rods, depending upon the height of the wall, may be a single length rod or may be in multiple sections.  They are connected to the proprietary anchor bolts, which are placed in a conventional concrete or masonry foundation.  Horizontal reinforcing may include conventional joint reinforcing when determined by the structural engineer to be necessary.

The Integra Wall System Delivers

  • All the benefits of a conventional block wall system

  • A post-tensioning system for exceptional stability

  • Designed to be used in all types of residential and commercial buildings

  • Optimum thermal performance when filled with specially formulated closed-cell polyurethane foam

  • The foam system is designed to be impermeable to water absorption

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