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Project Questionnaire

Estimate for Spraying the Open Overhangs and Floor Cavities

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In order to make gathering the information and answering these questions easier, we have published the questions to a document you can download. There are two ways to download the document.

  • Right click the "Download Word Document" or the "Download Text Document" link and select "save target as" from the menu. Save the document in the location of your choosing.

  • If your computer has the proper combination of software you can left click the link and MS Word will open and you can click "Save as" to save document in the location of your choosing.

When the documents are complete, simply send an email to and attach the completed documents.

This is a general listing and some of these questions may not apply to your project.  Please tell us the answers to only the questions that are relevant to your project.

  • What are the dimensions or square footage of the floor?

  • Are there any overhanging or recessed areas that create horizontal planes that need insulation?

  • Are there radiant floor heating systems requiring insulation?

  • Is there plumbing in or above the overhangs or floors?

  • What are the R-values specified for any of these thermal insulation areas?