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Project Questionnaire

Estimate for underground or above ground tanks

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This is a general listing and some of these areas may not apply.  Please provide the answers to only the questions that are relevant to your project.

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  • Is the tank underground or above ground?

  •  If above ground

  • :
    • How is it supported

    • Distance from the ground

    • Vertical vs. horizontal

  • Are there surrounding structures, etc. that will have to be protected?

  • Please provide a tank description:

  • Diameter                                      

  • Length:

  • Bell or flat ends

  • Are there manholes?  How will they be protected?

  • Number of piping connections, will they have to be foamed?

  • If so, how many feet of pipe (length of each diameter)?

  • Are there gauges, valves, etc. to protect?

  • Are there corrosion systems, number of connections?

Tank use

  • Examples are fire protection system water storage, process heat storage, process fluids, liquid storage, etc.

  • What is in the tank, use?

  • Operating temperature of fluid and ambient environment around the tank - ground (if below grade), air (if above ground)?

Insulation/coating system

  • Purpose of insulation (protect from freezing, energy conservation, etc.)?

  • R-value if known?

  • Foam density if specified?

  • What is the existing tank finish/coating?

  • What will go on the foam after it is installed?

Project coordination/access

  • Who will move the tank if it is not up on supports high enough for us to get under it?

  • Who will provide the staging?