Project Data Questionnaire

We help you plan your foam project and select the right product and installer. We no longer perform installations.

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In order to make gathering the information and answering these questions easier we have published the questions to a document you can download. There are two ways to download the document.

  • Right click the "Download Word Document" or "Download Text Document" link and select "save target as" from the menu. Save the document in the location of your choosing.

  • If your computer has the proper combination of software you can left click the link and MS Word will open and you can click "Save as" to save document in the location of your choosing.

Please complete both steps below:

When the documents are complete, simply send an email to: and attach the completed documents.

Step One: General project information:

  • What is the specific problem that we need to solve – ice dams, excessive heat loss, frozen pipes, moisture/condensation problems, etc?
  • What town and state is the project located in?
  • What are the dimensions of the problem area (e.g. sq. ft. without rough openings like windows and doors)?
  • How close to the building can we get with our trucks?
  • What are the staging requirements, whose staging equipment will be used?
  • Is the building heated, what is the source?
  • Are there any finishes that require special protection by the foam installers?
  • Do you have plans or photographs?
  • Would a site visit be required?
  • Is there any existing insulation in or near the work area?
  • Do you need a budget number or a fixed price
  • Expected start and completion dates for the project?
  • Any other owner concerns?

Step Two: Please have your specific project information ready

Questions for injecting the closed wall cavities

Questions for spraying the open walls

Questions for spraying the rim joist

Questions for injecting the closed roof cavities

Questions for spraying the open roof or attic

Questions for spraying the open floors or overhangs

Questions for spraying the basement or crawl space

Questions for spraying an underground or above ground tank

Questions for other work for your building.